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Expand Your Network

The M-Power Community: Where Astonishing Things Happen

It’s true. Just ask any of our graduates. When you’re part of the M-Power Coaching community, you develop relationships that go beyond a one-time interaction. Mastering Leadership, Career GPS and 1:1 Coaching doesn’t really end, the learning just evolves. Recurring events, workshops and happy hours provide a forum for ongoing connection and professional association.


P. Kaye Brundidge, MD, Anesthesiologist, Author, Entrepreneur

"I recommend M-Power Coaching with enthusiasm."

My experience with Jennifer and M-Power Coaching has been a positive growth opportunity and has provided the lexicon and framework to approach professional leadership in an entirely different way. My concept of what it means to be a true leader in today's rapidly evolving business world had become much more precise and defined as a result of my M-Power coaching. Jennifer and M-Power are simply the best professional coaching and leadership support experience I could hope to have. I recommend M-Power with enthusiasm.”

~ P. Kaye Brundidge MD

Anesthesiologist, Author, Entrepreneur

Britt Provost

"I’ve been thrilled to work with M-Power Coaching as a development resource for our employees."

I love their focus on building learning agility and self-awareness for participants in their overall program – through diligent coaching and group sessions. Our participants have significantly grown their professional confidence and capability after completing the Mastering Leadership course, and are very clear in their ongoing career development goals. It’s a worthy investment and one I will strongly support for future employees.”

~ Britt Provost

Executive Vice President
People & Culture at Apptio


"Julie truly helped me see my potential and utilize my strengths."

Julie was instrumental in helping me see the bigger picture when I may have been stuck on the finer details of situations. She was also incredibly helpful in showing me how to create steps towards my goals, rather than my attempt at taking everything on at once — which I tend to do at times! This was my first time in a program where I was assigned a coach, and Julie truly helped me see my potential and utilize my strengths that will enable me to be the best General Manager for DirtFish.”

~ Malli Sheaffer

General Manager, DirtFish

"Mastering Leadership has been wonderful for me, professionally... I have learned and taken away so much that I highly recommend this to anybody that's in a leadership position and anybody that's esteeming to get there."

~ Melissa King

Executive Director
Athletes for Kids

Mitchelle Gonsalves

"This is a HUGE win for me and... exactly what I wanted to get out of the training."

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I am happy with the progress I’ve made with keeping up/continuing to apply what I have learned in the course and seems to become more a part of my being. The project I am working on is high risk high reward and it’s up to me to prove the value/potential to the stakeholders. The pressure is the same as before with several projects I am working on, however now I can feel that I am delivering with confidence and more importantly without the stress/anxiety and occasional sleepless nights. This is a HUGE win for me and, all thanks to you ladies, this is exactly what I wanted to get out of the training. Thanks for making such a difference."”

~ Mitchelle Gonsalves

Program Manager 2
Skype for Business at Microsoft

Molly Grove"Working with Julie as a coach was an extremely positive experience."

She is a talented professional who listens deeply, asks smart intuitive questions and supports you in discovering your true potential. I especially appreciated her approachable style and the fact that she always went the extra mile to ensure that I was a satisfied customer. She is truly outstanding to work with and a true, trusted business partner. I highly recommend working with Julie as a coach.”

~ Molly Grove

HR Manager at NAES Corporation


"After every session, I felt confident and empowered that I'm taking a right next step that will result in the best outcome."

Cyndee has been a huge blessing in my life. She has helped guide me through my career at the last three companies and is someone I turn to whenever I need career advice. Everything from managing employees, managing corporate politics at a Fortune 10 company, managing change at a startup company in growth mode, and continuing to plan for my future careers moves. After every session, I felt confident and empowered that I'm taking a right next step that will result in the best outcome. I don't know what I would have done without Cyndee. I have referred to her several of my friends who have also seen how their careers have changed after they started working with her. If you have ever thought about getting a career coach, I would highly recommend Cyndee. Don't even think about it for another second. Just do it.”

~ Lyamen Savy

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PipelineDeals